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Guidelines Driving School houses expert manual driving instructors in Coventry to help you with your manual driving lessons.

A manual car moves by controlling its clutch and changing gears, relying on you to select the right gear according to your driving speed; otherwise, the vehicle can get stalled. Although a manual gearbox seems daunting to beginners as it has six gears ranging from low to high speed and reverse, manual car driving lessons in Coventry can prove beneficial to learning these things.

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Why GDS Driving Instructor?

Hiring our automatic driving instructor will help you master all the driving techniques and become skilful. Here is how our automatic driving school in Coventry benefits you:

Manual Driving Instructor

Advantages of Driving a Manual Car


It has lower running and maintenance costs, including its insurance and repairs, suitable for younger drivers who have purchased their first car.


It is better for driving in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice, heavy rainfall, etc., allowing better grip with the help of its lower gear.


Its engine weighs less and is less complex, allowing you to cover more distance using less fuel.


The driver has more control over the car, making it a responsive vehicle.


It enhances your driving skills.


It is affordable to have a manual car driving lesson in Coventry.


It gives you the freedom to drive an automatic car as well.


It offers more job opportunities as you will be skilled in driving various vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking manual driving lessons in Coventry helps you clear your test in a manual car. After receiving your manual car driving license, you become eligible to drive a manual and automatic vehicle.

Manual cars are comparatively cheaper to purchase, repair, and insure and are fuel efficient.

One of the significant differences between automatic and manual cars is the method of changing gears. In a manual vehicle, you have to change gears yourself with the help of a clutch pedal and a manual gearstick. On the other hand, an automatic vehicle has no clutch pedal, makes gear changes for you, and only requires you to put it in reverse yourself.

Manual driving requires you to master the clutch control, gear shift, accelerator, brakes, and steering control, but you can learn all this quickly by getting specialised manual driving lessons.

No, you cannot drive a manual car if you have an automatic vehicle license. You need to pass your manual car test to drive it legally.

The time to learn manual driving varies for every individual and depends on your interest, foundational information about driving rules and the road signs, your instructor, and your ability to perceive things.

However, if you are a beginner and learning from scratch, you will need some time to comprehend the basics of driving.

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