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Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons With GDS

GDS is a local driving school that provides both manual and automatic driving lessons. We provide high-quality driving lessons for affordable prices in and around the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

GDS has a fleet of highly-qualified local driving instructors ready to provide driving lessons to help you prepare for your practical driving test. All of our instructors are DVSA-approved and trained to provide amazing customer service and make driving lessons both informative and fun.

GDS offers a range of custom lesson packages for experienced and novice drivers. Driving lessons with us can start from as low as £15 per hour if you are a beginner!

Why Choose GDS Driving Lessons?

We were voted the ‘Regional Driving School of the Year’ at the Intelligent Instructor Awards 2021. We are sure you’ll love the range of online learning materials available. These include online lesson plans and a personal learning log that allows you to track how you are progressing.

To book your driving lessons call us on 7896666641 or email us at guidelinesdrivingschool@gmail.com; we look forward to helping you get on the road.

Defensive Driving Instructions

Reduce the chances of accidents by learning defensive driving instructions Today!

Professional Instructors

Highly-trained, Experienced, & Certified practical driving lessons experts at service.

Flexible Scheduling

Learn at your own pace and time. Talk to our driving instructors Today!

Driving Lessons Coventry That Helps You Pass The Test In 1st Try!

Our instructors are dedicated to helping you pass the driving test in the shortest time possible. We offer a range of custom lesson packages for experienced and novice drivers, including manual and automatic driving lessons in Coventry. We also provide cheap driving lessons in Coventry, so you can book your driving lessons in Coventry at an affordable price.

We offer value-for-money practical driving lessons, and our team of experts will help you become a safe and confident driver.

Besides, we also provide guidance and tips to help you pass the driving test on your first attempt. With GDS, you can get the best driving lessons Nuneaton, Warwick, Coventry, and Bedworth has to offer!

– Practical Automatic driving lessons in Coventry

What To Expect?

  1.  Professional, friendly and experienced instructors
  2.  Flexible Scheduling
  3.  Guided Driving Lessons with comprehensive feedback
  4.  Comprehensive yet simple theory lessons
  5.  Defensive driving instruction by certified experts
  6.  Cheap driving lessons in Coventry, Bedworth, Nuneaton and Warwick

Book Your automatic driving lessons in Coventry Today!

Trusted By Thousand Students As The Best driving lessons Bedworth, Coventry, Nuneaton and Warwick

We are one of the most trusted driving schools in Coventry. Our certified instructors will provide you with the best driving lessons in Bedworth, Nuneaton, and Warwick. We have been helping students for many years to pass their driving tests quickly with our specialised training. Book your best driving lessons in Warwick or other places Today with us, and get ready to hit the roads!

At GDS, we have all the necessary resources for you to pass your driving test. We also provide discounted packages for manual and automatic driving lessons in Coventry.

Also, you can trust us to provide cheap driving lessons in Coventry and the surrounding areas.

No Bluff. Cheap Driving Lessons Coventry Guaranteed!

We have been in the industry for many years and can guarantee you the best driving lessons Coventry offers. Our Cheap Driving Lessons Coventry instructors are highly knowledgeable and patient, ensuring you understand every concept taught during the lesson.

GDS also provides an amazing online platform to review your lessons, look at progress reports and more.

Automatic Driving Lessons
Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons by the Best Driving Instructors

You are at the right place if you require automatic driving lessons, and it is your first attempt to gain your driving license. Our qualified driving instructors will guide you through the process and teach you skills useful for your practical and theory tests.

Our team comprises DVSA-approved instructors with substantial experience in delivering automatic driving lessons. We offer flexible training schedules for people from all walks of life, including students. If you fulfil the DVLA's eligibility criteria for a driving license and look forward to gaining your automatic driving license, contact us today to book your lessons.

What Do You Need for a Driving License?

The DVLA requires you to possess a provisional license and be at least 17 years of age before you can apply for a driving license. You can apply for a provisional license at 15 years and nine months. A provisional license is also needed for taking driving lessons. So, if you already have it and want your full license, contact our driving instructors and book your automatic driving lessons to ensure you pass your driving test. Remember, the DVLA treats automatic and manual driving differently; if you have an automatic driving license, you still have to take a test for a manual driving license.

Higher Chances of Approval

The driving test is divided into two parts: a practical test and a theory test. The theory test is the first step and has to be taken before the practical test. The test is further divided into an MCQ section and a hazard perception test.

Most of the applicants fail the hazard perception test. Once you clear the theory test, you will be eligible for the practical test, which is 40 minutes long and tests your ability to drive independently and safely in different traffic conditions. Some minor faults will be ignored, but you will be rejected if you commit any serious fault. You will also be required to perform parking manoeuvres and be asked questions regarding vehicle safety. Passing these tests requires the help of professional driving instructors such as ours. We will help you get through it to gain your driver's license as soon as possible.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Flexible and Stress-Free Schedules

We understand that you might not be in a situation to fit driving lessons into your schedule, but it is something you must do, and we are here to help you do it.

Our timings are highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit your preferences. We also offer intensive training courses to those who have little time to spare. Talk to our representative, and we will prepare a schedule that you find convenient. You will also find our lessons priced for maximum affordability. The driving lessons can also be tailored to accommodate your budget without compromising training quality. Our driving instructors do their best to create an enjoyable experience for their students so that they can learn in a stress-free environment with peace of mind.

Why choose us?

Qualified & Licensed Instructors:

Our in-house team comprises ADIs, Approved Driving Instructors, who have been authorised by the DVSA after passing a highly challenging 3-part test.

Faster Learning:

Our automatic driving lessons have been structured to promote faster learning, minimise training costs, and save time without compromising training quality. Mock tests are also given to people to offer a real experience and prepare them for the test.

Well-Maintained and Safe Cars:

Our automatic cars carry the necessary fitness certificate and are regularly maintained to ensure safety and comfort during training.

High Passing Rate:

Don't take our word for it, read the numerous testimonials our successful students have written on our website and book your training session accordingly.

Affordable Lessons:

Our automatic driving lessons can be tailored to meet different budgets and schedules. Expect the most competitive pricing from our driving school.

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