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How To Become A Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor Training with Smart Learner Driving School

The first step is making sure your eligible to become an instructor. To become an instructor you must be over 21 and have held a full driving license for 3+ years. You will be required to have a Criminal Record Check (CRB). There are 3 parts/exams you must pass before you become a fully qualified driving instructor. However, before you apply for these tests we will need to apply and receive your unique PRN number.

ADI Theory Test

Part 1 of ADI training is all about ensuring you have a thorough knowledge of the highway code and hazard perception. The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions with you needing to achieve a score of 85+ to pass. You will also need to pass the Hazard Perception test by achieving a score of 57 out of 75.

Note: You have unlimited attempts, however, each test you need to take will cost £81.00

Driving Ability Test

Part 2 of the ADI training focuses on your driving ability, similar to the original test you would have sat to get your full driving license. To ensure you’re prepared, if you train with us, we provide 10 hours of lessons with an ORDIT Approved Trainer.

Note: You have a maximum of 3 attempts. Each test attempt costs £111.00

Learn And Earn

After passing your driving ability test, you are required to take 40 hours of training with a qualified trainer. This allows you to apply for a “pink badge” which means you to provisionally teach learners and earn for 6 months. If you decided to go down the “pink badge” route you will be able to take a pupil you are currently teaching. This route requires you to pay for 20 hours of additional training, however, this cost is easily covered by the money you will be earning from lessons.

Teaching Ability Test

Alternatively, once you complete your 40 hours of training you can apply to take your final test (also known as part 3.) This exam is all about your ability to teach a pupils. If you decide to go straight for the exam you would be required to find a full license holder who owns their own car. Note: You have a maximum of 3 attempts. Each test will cost £111.00


All your hard work, perseverance, and commitment have paid off! You can now proudly say you are a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI).

How To Know If Best Driving Instructors Training Is For You?

Suppose you are looking for a high-quality driving instructor training program to help you become a safe and confident driver. In that case, our driving instructor training is the perfect solution. Our dedicated team of professional instructors has years of experience providing quality instruction to learners of all ages and levels.

We take the time to understand each student’s individual needs and create customized lesson plans accordingly. With our help, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible driving instruction and become a safe and competent driver in no time.

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Hiring our automatic driving instructor will help you master all the driving techniques and become skilful. Here is how our automatic driving school in Coventry benefits you:

Duration Of Professional Driving Instructors Training

At Guidelines Driving School, we provide a comprehensive 8-week driving instructor training (all of which is customizable) course. During this time, you will learn the fundamentals of safe and confident driving and gain valuable insight into effective instruction techniques. Also, you will receive detailed feedback from our experienced instructors throughout your program. At the end of the course, you will have earned.

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Best Driving Instructors Of Coventry, Bedworth, Warwick, And Nuneaton At Service

We have one of the best driving instructors in Coventry, Bedworth, Warwick, and Nuneaton. Our team comprises certified professionals who strive to bring out the best in every learner. We understand that every learner is different and has a unique learning style capacity. That’s why our trainers are adept at adapting their teaching methods to match the individual needs of each student.

We have a vast fleet of vehicles, ranging from small cars to larger SUVs, and our instructors can assess the learner’s skill level before recommending which vehicle would be best suited for them.

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No. 1 Trusted Driving Instructors Training In Coventry, Bedworth, Warwick, And Nuneaton Areas

Are you looking for a driving instructor training in Coventry? Look no further than Guidelines Driving School! We are the leading provider of driving instructor training in Coventry and its surrounding areas, including Bedworth, Warwick, and Nuneaton. Our team of professional driving instructors is dedicated to providing quality instruction that will help you become a safe and confident driver.

We understand that learning to drive is both a thrilling and intimidating prospect. That’s why we strive to provide the best driving instructor training in Coventry. We design our courses based on each student’s needs, ensuring an educational experience tailored to them.

Our team of qualified driving instructors will help you develop your skills quickly and safely. Whether you are a new learner driver or experienced, we will create a suitable driving lesson plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Professional Driving Instructor training is worth it. It provides essential education and skills to become a successful driver instructor. The knowledge gained from the training helps driving instructors stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations, increase their communication abilities with learners, and maintain safety on the roads.

Guidelines Driving School offers the best driving instructors in Bedworth. We provide qualified and experienced instructors to teach you everything you need about safe driving. Our professional driving instructors undergo thorough training and take part in regular refresher courses to make sure they stay up-to-date with industry regulations and safety standards.

The driving instructor Warwick course includes the latest industry regulations, best practices, and specialized techniques in teaching learners to drive safely. It also covers vehicle control, road rules, accident prevention, speed management, defensive driving tactics and more. Our course is designed to provide the perfect balance between safety and enjoyment of the roads.

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