How Much Time Do I Need to Learn How to Drive?

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When it comes to the driving lessons, probably the most asked questions are, how much time will it take to learn how to drive? And how to pass the driving test on the first attempt?

Well, we have tried to answer these questions once and for all in our blog. We are going to explain how much time you need to learn how to drive, how many lessons you need and the factors affecting your learning speed. We have also included some tips for you that will help you to prepare for your test and pass it on your first attempt.

How Much Time Is Required to Learn How to Drive?

Well, the answer to this question is not definitive. There are no specific rules to limit the training and instruction hours. However, the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency, or DVSA for short, recommends at least 45 hours of instructed lessons, joined with a minimum of 22 hours of your private practice.

However, if you are a fast learner, you may finish your training and practice in lesser time than an average learner. Please keep in mind that it should be more important for you to become a safe driver while you hit the road than to complete your training in a shorter time than others.

How Many Driving Lessons Are Required?

The number of lessons that you may need during your learning period may differ from others based on a few factors, such as

Your Age:

There is no doubt that the brain works faster when you are young. That is why it is an ideal age to learn anything. Over the year, when you get older, your brain and reflex actions become slower and less spontaneous. DVSA recommends adding 2 hours of training every year, which adds to your age.


Regularity is an extremely important factor that determines how much time you are going to take to complete your driving lessons. If you are fairly regular in your lessons, you will need lesser time and vice versa.

Private Practising:

22 hours of self-practising, as suggested by the DVSA, is essential to gain the confidence you need to sit solo behind the wheel. Make sure you schedule your private practice periodically to accelerate your rate of learning.


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Tips to Pass Your Driving Test on the First Attempt

Study the Highway Code: Thoroughly understand the comprehensive guide to road rules.

Use Different Study Materials: Utilise diverse resources like apps, books, and online platforms for a well-rounded understanding.

Know the Test Structure: Know the structure, time limit, and passing score of the theory test.

Take Mock Tests: Simulate the real test experience with timed practice to improve time management.

Practice your hazard perception skills: Develop hazard perception abilities by identifying potential road hazards.

Understand the scoring system: Aim to score at least 43/50 on multiple-choice and 44/75 on hazard perception.

Prioritise the Important Topics: Prioritise crucial topics such as road signs, speed limits, and traffic rules.

Manage your time: Efficiently allocate time during the test, leaving room for review.

Stay updated: Keep abreast of any changes in road rules and updates from the DVSA.

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